Wagners Cherry Jam

Wagners – Cherry Jam

“Overall, Wagner’s Cherry Jam is a must-try, especially for flavour chasers, especially at $10/g. Simply put, this is craft grade.”

🍒 Wagner’s – Cherry Jam

Wagner’s is one of the many newcomers to OCS, and after initial reviews came out with those beautiful pics 🤩 and then I saw $10/g, I had to pick it up.

Their Cherry Jam crosses the two famous Purple Punch and AK47. Both are typically given an “indica” label, but both exemplify how useless the term is, having dominant terpenes more akin to traditional “sativas.” AK47 is known for both its heavy THC and uplifting mind buzz 🚀. Purple Punch offers a similar feel but much lighter. It became famous for its super-sweet taste 🍭

Together we get the best of both while creating something unique for flavour chasers. Opening the pack, the name makes sense, with an intense cherry smell, much more tart than other cherry strains. On the inhale, you get more of a brandy taste as the complexity in the terp profile shines. The exhale is plain sugar leaving an easygoing sweetness made extra easy with an exceptional cure

As for the bag appeal, it looks like two completely different strains 🙃. The colas are large, purple, and dense. Whereas the bottom branch popcorn included is bright green and much looser. Thankfully everything is fresh as can be, resulting in a very fluffy grind. And the second set of micro pics are from one of the bits of popcorn, showing that with proper care, the small bits barely get damaged 🥢

The high is very similar to the legacy cuts of AK47 I’ve tried, but with less of a crash. At the start, you feel both a strong THC hit (feeling well above the 23%) and that heady jolt. There was little physical energy, but my mind was racing 😳. This rush lasts most of the high but peters out towards the couch locking crash. However, more hits will refresh it. The increased length was notable as I realized I was reaching for my bong less than usual, despite the smooth cure and delicious taste.

Overall, Wagner’s Cherry Jam is a must-try, especially for flavour chasers, especially at $10/g. Simply put, this is craft grade, with all meaningful expected markers of quality. We have their Blue Lime Pie arriving soon, and if it matches this quality, Wagner’s will be in the same conversations as Sugarbud and Royal City. I can’t wait! 🍒🚀🐇👅🥰