Truro – Wedding Mint

“The amazing lineage of Wedding Mint is also a big part of its impressive bag appeal.”

Truro’s Wedding Mint has always received lots of love, and after trying it I can confirm it is all completely deserved.

It is a strain that takes full advantage of its impressive genetic makeup. On both sides and playing a major role in its unique profile is Animal Mints. Developed out of cookie family genetics, it uses its gassy roots to create a minty palate that still has that stoney punch. The other major influence on Wedding Mint is its Wedding Cake half. Also rooted in cookie genetics this one shows off how sweet caryophylene can be while leaning in to the slower moving side (think Forum Cut Cookies).

The amazing lineage of Wedding Mint is also a big part of its impressive bag appeal. Density is seen on both sides of its family tree, and opening the nitro packed can I was delighted by absolutely 0 shake. Three large gram nugs and two bits of popcorn were tight and squishy and perfect. The trim is one of the best I have seen, and the production team deserves much more credit than their nug pic of the strain provides.

The nose did not punch quite as much as I was expecting however when smoked the flavor is overwhelming. Of course it is dominated by a fuel like encapsulation of your entire palate by the caryophylene but this opens up every taste bud to the complex hoppy and tea type notes. In the same way Szechuan peppercorn makes the other flavours expand, the gas makes the earthiness surround like with a good cigar.

In terms of high this one is a knock out. If you are at the start of your day or also drinking some coffee you may recover and enjoy a beautiful waviness. But at the end of the day this is a show stopper. In both cases the high THC is felt in every fiber. All the aches and stress from the day melt away, as you melt too. Every muscle unwinds as you liquefy with a smile. A high tolerance or an iced espresso can make you a moving puddle but its easier to just dissolve in to a blissful sleep.

Overall, I’m sleepy. Sweet dreams!