Truro True OG

Truro – True OG

“Overall, Truro’s True OG is exactly what nostalgia seekers are looking for. “Remember that fire from high school?”.”

🥃 Truro – True OG

This one’s not for the uninitiated. Everything about it hits like a truck making no apologies as it does so. Despite not being selected exclusively for THC, it is one of the few craft strains on OCS regularly testing above 30%. It stays very true to its name, reminding me of the toppest of the top shelf in the legacy market before the days of cake and cherry hype trains.

Open the can, and an incredibly earthy, almost musty note hits in a way only a good head can appreciate 🧓. It’s straight from a bog, with smells of moss and peat damp from fresh rainfall 🏕️. The nugs are on the smaller end, though a couple of factors make it a non-issue. First, they are dense as can be, protecting the insides, so the trichome heads remain pristine. And the nitro-packed tuna can ensure that the extra surface area does not spill out too much flavour. They can let the nugs hold on to their moisture and terps, remaining squishy and sticky.

The taste is much more forgiving than the nose, keeping many earthy and more profound notes but losing the marshier vibes. It is very smooth, allowing for massive rips, which is exactly how bud like this should be smoked 🌬️. At the onset you feel a massive rush, but not in the uplifting way you might expect from its limonene dominant profile. Instead of a buzzing or increase in energy, there is an intensity that I believe is just coming from that super high THC. From the get-go, this punches in the most classic sense. The high from the “True OG” then settles into the high of an actual OG. Couch lock and waviness descends, leaving you a puddle in your living room 🥴. There is no physical energy, no natural mental stimulation, and indeed no ability to be productive in the slightest. You are now one with the couch. Accept it. Any stresses from the day are gone. Couches cannot feel pressure. Muscle knots disappear, couches are soft. And at the end of the high, the crash is heavy, sending you straight to sleep. Sofas are inanimate.

Overall, Truro’s True OG is exactly what nostalgia seekers are looking for. “Remember that fire from high school?” Well, this is it, except with a potency that might knock your gym uniform socks off. 🔥💾🌾🛋️🤤