Tribal Cuban Linx

Tribal – Cuban Linx

“When you crack the can, the terpinolene jumps out with the full strength of the 4.6% terp count.”

πŸ† Tribal – Cuban Linx

Tribal is doing everything right. They have certain principles, that they actually keep, meant to keep their quality consistently high and their price consistently low. They are completely vertically integrated. First, they own their genetic library of over 700 strains to pheno hunt and breed from. Next, they do everything in-house, from the growing and processing to even packaging. And last, they have a firm commitment to never white label. Their cans will always be grown by them, and you will never find their grows under a different brand

We reap all the benefits in the Cuban Linx. Triangle Kush is on both sides of its family tree, famous for providing an uplift to high-THC high-yielding genetics. Then to give an extra boost, both skunk and Nigerian landrace genetics were bred in. The initial seeds were developed by Seed Junky, who breeds with both smokers and growers in mind. As such, the nugs are large, dense, and trimmed perfectly. These guys stand out because of the cure and overall preservation of the sativa-type terpenes. They grow the Cuban Linx in colder rooms so that the lighter monoterpenes are better preserved, in this case mainly terpinolene. Also, they cure using cold barrels, similar to the method Sugarbud uses, to concentrate all terpenes that would otherwise escape back into the bud

When you crack the can, the terpinolene jumps out with the full strength of the 4.6% terp count. Differing from the more popular limonene, you smell the distinct sourness of green apples rather than lemon. The effects are the same though, all uplift. I found the physical energy to be pure, providing enough of a body high to make exercise easier but not to the point of couchlock. Mentally, it is also very productive, without the racing thoughts that can accompany lots of bud with this much energy. I found I was able to focus, during separate seshes, on both writing this review and a long hike

You’d be hard-pressed trying to find another LP putting out flower of this quality under $10 a gram. Tribal, I appreciate yall choosing quality over quantity, but you need to bring the Terple to Ontario.. It’s named after me for jeez sake! πŸ‡¨πŸ‡ΊπŸ”—πŸβ«β«