Tremblant Hashish

Tremblant – Hashish

“Testing high in caryophyllene and pinene the earthy spiciness will take back anyone used to legacy traditional.”

🗻 Tremblant – Hashish

This is that legacy stuff. That nostalgic oily goo. That old familiar tar. Hailing from the Laurentian mountains, Tremblant Cannabis has upheld Quebec’s long tradition for premium hash to the high standards normally not seen this side of the Atlantic 🌍

“It is known that the Quebec market is fond of hashish. We worked on our technique for a long time; we had a very specific result in mind. We wanted to recreate the classic taste of hashish: smooth and spicy. The texture is also very important, it must be supple and smooth, it must be malleable in the heat.” says Mathieu Lahaie, Tremblant’s master cultivator 🙌🏽

And they hit every mark. Testing high in caryophyllene and pinene the earthy spiciness will take back anyone used to legacy traditional. But the texture is the main reason why this will delight many hash fans that are still looking for a legal option. Presented as a traditional temple ball, just under the surface is still golden while the outside is black. At first, it’s rock hard, making it difficult to cut (notice my uneven attempts 🤦🏽), but work it using the heat from your hands and it becomes easily shapeable. It has the creamiest texture of anything I have tried (or even seen pics of) bearing no likeness to the layered kief or coarse grainy consistency that has been more popular on OCS until now

As for the high, again classic. The caryophyllene, in addition to adding the signature spice, is largely responsible for the extremely stony, body-led buzz 🤤. Whether walking about or slouching on the couch, your muscles feel rubbery but still somewhat functional. The high is long-lasting just as it should be. And the overall strength feels like it’s full 45% 🥊. They do this by compensating with C02 extract, however the high remains as it should, not losing any of its nuances. When I eventually did crash, it was gradual, lulling me into a comfy sleep

Overall, this is clearly the new hash recommendation for nostalgia seekers and those who, like me, were missing the gummy stuff that still punches. As the trend towards more craft-style hash continues I cannot wait to enjoy more trying to capture that same feel ⚜️🧈🎷🌶️👑