Sundial CBD Isolate

Sundial – CBD Isolate

“If you are unfamiliar with CBD isolate, it can look a bit intimidating. But do not fear. It is all-natural.”

😌 Sundial – CBD Isolate

Not much to say about this one. It’s an isolate, meaning that it has been refined as much as possible—just the single compound. There’s almost no differentiation among brands other than Sundial’s price as they are currently the best in the Ontario market, keeping it under $50/g, including the tax!

If you are unfamiliar with isolate, it can look a bit intimidating. But do not fear. It is all-natural. Solvents and oils are used along the way, but the entire point is that they have been refined away, and as a legal product, we have the tests to prove it. It starts with a high CBD oil, most commonly extracted from hemp. It is then put through a filtration process where solvents separate the CBD from the oil. The resulting liquid then has to dry to get this wonderfully multi-use product ready for consumption.

The most common method is as an edible. For example, sprinkle some in an Oreo, your drink, or just on your tongue. Another common way is sublingual or buccal use. This means allowing it to absorb in your mouth, either under your tongue or through your cheek, respectively. This allows for faster absorption because it can absorb into your blood through the tissue in your mouth, rather than having to be digested first.

And my favourite method, smoking. There is no better hangover cure than a scoop of isolate on some low potency but great-tasting bud. Some people prefer dabbing, as you waste less of the product that way, but the simple method of using it as a bowl topper is my go-to. I use it just like many use kief.

Shoulders drop instantly, and anxiety is largely curbed. If you happen to be too high, it can help with that as well. Overall efficacy is dependant on the person, like any weed product, but if any CBD product is going to work, it’s this stuff. It is as potent as possible. It’s pure.

For a while now, I’ve been looking for an alternative to my old black market source for CBD isolate after they raised their price. Sundial’s offering gives me back this affordable stash must-have while assuring me it is unadulterated with lab tests and not making me wait a week for shipping from BC! Thanks yall! 😌🍂⚗️🍃😌