Sugarbud GMO Cookies

Sugarbud – GMO Cookies

“Sugarbud has continued its unwavering standards that have gained them such a dedicated following.”

🧄 Sugarbud – GMO Cookies

Ew. This strain. Yuck. Sugarbud has done their Sugarbud thing and grown this latest offering to their high standards rarely seen at the mid-tier price. Fresh, sticky, and grown impeccably to show off this iconic strain. Unfortunately, I cannot stand the taste it’s known for, and Sugarbud executed it perfectly. Rumoured to stand for Garlic Mushroom Onion, GMO Cookies carries a horribly distinct garlic aroma and aftertaste. The rumour is false but its widespread acceptance speaks to just how singular the smell is. According to the original breeder, Skunkmasterflex, the name was given “because Girl Scouts of America were getting shit for using GMOs in their cookies, plus it grew like it was genetically modified..”

But open the top and the rumour makes complete sense. Nasty. Customers wince when they smell it, except every so often it becomes someone’s favourite thing in the world. There are slight undernotes of pine and citrus, but who are we kidding? It’s just garlic. Even when smoked, the J starts with the sharp bite of fresh garlic and slowly becomes more mellow as a roasted profile develops, but all the while unmistakably garlic.

The effects here, are the reason why I return to this strain whose smell I find so repulsive. As seen in the lot-specific COA provided on Sugarbud’s site, this bud has a whole bunch of limonene combined with a whack ton of myrcene. As a daily smoker, 31% THC combined with this terp profile testing at 3% total gives a great hazy feeling. Beach time vibes or sunset campfire, it is perfect for lazing about in a high that will make your eyes lidded but keep you awake. Also, like lots of high myrcene flower the high was long-lasting, perfect for nights out smoking joints. There is deep body relief but there is no sedation until the eventual crash. It was a noticeable crash, but it ended on the couch rather than the bed and was easily refreshed by a couple more hits.

Overall, Sugarbud has continued its unwavering standards that have gained them such a dedicated following. I just wish they did it with a Crunch Berry or Romulan. Again, yuck… but I’ll probably be getting it again. 👃🤢💥🤤🥲