Spinach FEELZ Tropical Diesel 510

Spinach – FEELZ Tropical Diesel 510 CBG

“I now have a new go-to workplace buzz. This cart has graduated past my stash and now lives in my pocket.”

🐝 Spinach – Feelz – Tropical Diesel 510

Here is the future of bud. A distillate cart that actually delivers a specific high. Unlike live resin or full spec carts, these do not have any weed-derived terps or trace cannabinoids to give a strain-specific high. Instead, in addition to the THC distillate and flavouring, there is CBG distillate.

CBG is part of the CBD family but hits very differently, as it actually binds to the receptors in your cannabinoid system (similar to THC). It is amazing at making sure a high does not crash, and helps THC hit with more of a working clarity. If you’ve had MTL’s S.A.G.E. n Sour you’ll know what I’m talking about. Part of what gained that amazing bud its fame is its consistently high CBG test (2%)

Spinach’s Feelz cart tests at 10% CBG and 70% THC. The THC number may sound low to those used to distillate but every person I’ve let try mine has ended up buying one. The punch is there and more immediate than an 80% THC distillate. However, it is much lighter compared to most average live resin carts. The lasting high is similar but you do not get that initial kapow. Think of it like a creeper. Compared to flower, it does not have the wallop of a MAC1 but settles in and remains even like Acapulco Gold. And the best part, there is absolutely no crash. Something that has been reiterated by multiple customers across all tolerance levels.

The only thing lacking here is the flavour. It is exactly like its name says, with a slightly citrus jet fuel vibe. The taste is on the lighter side, so is not offensive. It just isn’t a standout like those from Tenzo or BZAM.

I now have a new go-to workplace buzz. This cart has graduated past my stash and now lives in my pocket. More productive and convenient than any flower or preroll option, I have never connected to a vape product as I have here. It doesn’t scratch the itch like actual weed, but just like MTL’s S.A.G.E. n Sour, it offers a long-lasting, uplifting high that is productive. Stay up, stay active, and buzz buzz ⚗️🍋⛽🔋🔋