Space Flower Slurricane Mints

Space Flower – Slurricane Mints

“It has that signature toasted fruit cup smell, with the tropical notes on top and an undernote of dark chocolate.”

🛸 Space Flower – Slurricane Mints

I was skeptical about seeing this on the new drops list. With the Cookies 14g bags being grown by Pure Sunfarms, I now double-check the LP every time, and I saw Vortex! Vortex makes great hash, but I wouldn’t have much confidence in them growing a 30%+ flower, especially as someone who enjoys high THC but is also looking for all the other things that make the plant what it is. However, this brand is grown by a family-run outfit from Quebec called Plantations Cérès. Confirmed from the farm, Vortex is only involved in the distribution with no hand in grow or production

The first strain in Ontario is Slurricane Mints, a cross of Margy’s Mint and Slurricane. On the Margy side, we get a great energizing terpene profile from both the high limonene found in Frozen Margy and pinene in Animal Mints. Crossed with the Slurricane we get an increase in potency and a profile that becomes more balanced as the heavier indica leaning profile is introduced

Opening the jar, I was reminded of Gelato. It has that signature toasted fruit cup smell, with the tropical notes on top and an undernote of dark chocolate. In addition, there is a strong minty smell that comes out especially strong in the aftertaste. The overall nug appeal was a letdown, with about a gram of popcorn. Thankfully, the freshness was great and let the full 3.5% terp count sing in all its complexity. This meant it also had the perfect fluffy grind

From the first hit, there is great body relief but nothing that will sit you down. It gives a nice tingle, reminding you of the heavier indica side but is still in no way sedating. As for cerebral effects, the Margy takes the lead here with a great boost in creativity, mental energy, and overall giggles. It reminded me a lot of a Nuken or Romulan, with the combo being perfect for video games or a long movie. A true hybrid

Overall, this is a great first showing from Plantation Cérès. I would suggest dropping the clunky Space Flower branding because the flower is beautiful farm-fresh produce and deserves to be sold as such. Also please bring your amazingly reviewed Blue Dream cut to Ontario! We could use some Loud Dream(s) too! 🍒🍋🌲🍬🤣