Simply Bare Selects Hash Lime Mi'jito

Simply Bare – Selects Hash (Lime Mi’jito)

The taste matches the nose, full of tart candied limes.
🔋 Simply Bare – Selects Hash (Lime Mi’jito)

Simply Bare’s recent Selects series features changing strains across various product types to showcase that excites their team. So far, everything has been a hit, from the flower to infused preroll. But today, we’re smoking my favourite in this first lineup, Lime Mi’jito hash!

The strain, the most energizing flower I’ve ever smoked, has become my yardstick in judging how far a strain leans sativa. Bred by Swamp Boys, on one side is Orange Blossom Trail, which was developed to be a stronger version of Orange Skunk. On the other is Limegerian, a pheno of their amazing Nigerian landrace cut that they’ve developed over the years. It tests high but has no sleepiness, really just being very potent but staying true to the original

When you crack the bag, an intense aroma of lime and loveliness washes over. It’s my top hash recommendation, though always with a couple of warnings. First, almost no heat was used in processing. It is bright blonde and breaks down into sticky kief rather than a classic dark Afghan style. The lack of heat means the brighter lime notes don’t boil away but also means the deeper notes synonymous with hash don’t develop. Also, depending on your method, it may be difficult to use. A hash kettle, for example, is not an option. It does much better in a bong or pipe, especially when used as a bowl topper

The taste matches the nose, full of tart candied limes. It brightens up whatever you’re mixing with, just like throwing a twist in your drink. Fruity flower becomes tropical and earthy strains become tasty. Just like the flower, the effects are pure energy. Again, amazing at modifying whatever you are mixing with because of how little it takes. One of my favourite combos is with lighter sativas to give them an extra oomph. Hard to do without the high turning sleepy. It is also amazing with body-focused indicas for the perfect mix of productivity and relaxation

Overall, this is one of my favourite products of the year. The strain is only being used for a limited time so grab it before they move on. I hope the next one is just as tasty.. eyeing 1964’s Romulan 🔋🍽️🔋🍽️🔋