Simply Bare BC Organic White Rntz

Simply Bare – BC Organic White Rntz

“Cracking the jar, a pungent smell of candied limes and earthy funk wafts out.”
🍭 Simply Bare – BC Organic White Rntz

Rubicon has continued its unwavering standards of fresh, organic, nonirradiated cannabis. They do so on the largest scale in the country regarding weed of this calibre. Even their mid-tier brands smoke amazingly, but their exotic genetics and best production is reserved for the premium brand, Simply Bare

This strain comes to us through the Cookies Fam from California, and their initial partnership with the brand Runtz. This has the same genetics as the original, crossing Zkittles with Gelato, but carries the modified name due to trademark issues. The SKU has been out for a bit, but we held out for this their highest testing lot so far, at 27.5%

Cracking the jar, a pungent smell of candied limes and earthy funk wafts out. The name instantly makes sense, being so sweet, but it does not let you forget its varied terp profile. It’s over 4% total but less than .5% of anything but limonene which tests at .73%. The trim was plain bad. My recent review of their Gelato Cake shows that Simply Bare has fallen in this area. But also like their Gelato Cake, the perfectly fresh and terpy bud made a beautiful smoke

The taste is notably strong. Every bit of sweet citrus comes through, with the earthier notes lingering on the exhale. The terp combo, along with the Zkittles genetics, gives a high that, to daily smokers, feels sativa leaning. There is pressure behind the eyes, but it is very physically energizing. It is perfect for a hike, letting you slip into a state of mindless energy where you look up and realize you just killed that hill you normally dread. But I found anything mental to be a no-go. Even concentrating on a documentary was dubious. It’s everything I want on a day off but has to be kept far away from my work strains

I can see why this strain made such waves down south. Even without Berner’s masterful branding, this bud deserves all its hype. Both Gelato and Zkittles make it candy sweet, while the rest of the tasting notes and effects perfectly blend the two. If looking for a puncher with the same kind of high as Carmel’s beloved Animal Face, here is a yummier option.🍭🍋🦨🤪🤪