Simply Bare BC Organic Gelato Cake

Simply Bare – BC Organic Gelato Cake

“Opening the jar, a strong, creamy, earthy smell permeates everything.”

🍦 Simply Bare – BC Organic Gelato Cake

Simply Bare is amazing at taking unique strains and letting them express themselves in a way that showcases how diverse and varied weed can be. I love them for this, as someone who smokes all day since they do not meddle with their sativa genetics to increase yield and profitability. But today, we’re smoking Gelato Cake, crossing Gelato #33 and Wedding Cake it’s a heavy indica that lives up to all the promise of its name and strong backcrossed Gelato genetics.

Opening the jar, a strong creamy and earthy smell permeates everything. On top, you get old-growth forest, with rain-rich soil and decades of untouched brush. Underneath is a sweet myrcene type creaminess, expressing itself the same way it does in mangoes and papayas. It conjures springtime with a slight sweetness on the air just after rain. The trim was a letdown, with many looser calyxes left on and even some sugar leaves. I can see why they were left behind, being so coated in crystals, but at this price, I expect better.

However, the smoke is everything I could ask for. The cure is perfect, letting me take big bong rips without any coughing and barely a tickle. It produces thick plumes of smoke that expand the chest and make you feel like a dragon. It punches over its current 27% THC count with a classic kush-type high. Limonene leads the terp totals, to give a great burst of euphoria and giggles right up front. While the second caryophyllene puts pressure behind the eyes, but in a nonsedating way. Eyes are immediately lidded, and shoulders slump, but it puts you on the couch rather than the bed. It is the perfect smoke for folk like me, with the tolerance of a budtender, as a wind down after work. It lets me enjoy some time on the couch, getting zonked, without feeling sleepy immediately. It would just be a hardcore slapper for those who have not ruined their tolerance.

Overall, Gelato Cake is a strain with tried and true genetics, sure to please the many fans both Gelato #33 and Wedding Cake already have. It is instantly a go-to, and with this LP and this lineage, how couldn’t it be? 🌳🥛🌳🥊🥊