Sherbinskis - Orange Sherbs Live Resin Disposable Pen

Sherbinskis – Orange Sherbs Live Resin Pen

“The perfect buzz while on the go.”
✒️ Sherbinskis – Orange Sherbs Live Resin Disposable Pen

Hands down the best disposable pen in the province. It isn’t even close. The type of high, overall punch, taste, and even build quality are all on point

First off it’s a .5 instead of the frustrating .25s that have become more popular. It has a sleek design that feels premium in the hand with a soft-touch finish. Next, the mouthpiece is huge letting you take massive rips. The battery is still good even after I’ve finished it. The few clogs were easily cleared with a hard pull. And the biggest point is that its live resin instead of distillate

Explaining why live resin hits harder than distillate is unnecessary to anyone who’s tried both (and y’all can skip this paragraph) but for those who haven’t… Tolerance of THC is the first one to raise. Once you have that increased tolerance you really need everything else about the plant to feel the THC at its full potential, commonly referred to as the entourage effect. Live resin is extracted like plain THC distillate but uses flower frozen right after harvest (rather than dried) and is often produced using lower temperatures. All this to preserve as much of the native terps as possible, which gives us stronger strain-specific effects and an extract that is actually hits. If you think vapes don’t punch or the high is too short, you’ve probably been smoking distillate

With this pen using Orange Sherbs we get an energizing high that still puts the pressure behind your eyes. The perfect buzz while on the go. It doesn’t leave you wanting while still keeping you sociable and semi-productive. Or if like me, will actually give you the necessary pep and anxiety relief needed as the wake n bake wears off. My bong at home and this pen outside are everything I need to celebrate the return of warm weather and a real-life in-person Pride

Mr. Sherbinski has brought his reputation for premo to Canada. The full gram cart version is out next month. Can’t wait! 🍊⛽🎒🌞🌞