Sherbinski Pink Sherb Live Resin Pen

Sherbinski – Pink Sherbs Live Resin Pen

“It tastes like creamy gas. Almost like Forum Cut, or any super gassy Girl Scout cut.”
✒️ Sherbinski – Pink Sherbs Live Resin Disposable Pen

Sherbinski has continued its trend for the most premium pens in the province. Their initial Orange Sherbs was and continues to be a huge hit, with its premium design, huge mouthpiece, consistent battery, and is one of the first to use live resin as opposed to distillate. However, it is decidedly a party pen, leaving nothing quite with this same quality for those looking to relax.. until now!

The overall hardware design is identical, except for the colour change, of course. They kept the soft touch material that feels premium in the hand and the massive mouthpiece that I love both for taking big hits and clearing clogs. My one gripe.. and it’s admittedly petty.. is that the cap on this one just won’t stay on. Dust gets down that larger mouthpiece when carrying it in my pocket. But a piece of tape, or a doob tube as I use, solves that problem easily.

I am unclear if the name is reflective of the input strain, and this is Pink Sherbert bred by Ol’ Dirty Greenthumb, or this is something else renamed, or even something new from the godfather of Sunset Sherb himself, as the strain is not listed in their portfolio. In either case, you get a terp profile very much a like a Pink Kush. It tastes like creamy gas. Almost like Forum Cut, or any super gassy Girl Scout cut. It’s super smooth, just like the Orange Sherbs, letting you take full advantage of the mouthpiece I can’t stop gushing about.

As for effects, it’s what you’d expect off the taste. Immediate pressure behind the eyes made my entire head heavy. It puts you in a super stoney headspace. Productivity is a nogo. Very hard to concentrate on anything, if you could even summon the motivation to do so. Every stereotype about stoners is alive in this pen. I’ve been using it in place of joints during my evening commute. I haven’t missed em though, still getting a strong punch to take some boredom out of the long ride and provide enough patience to not start yelling at the idiot watching TikTok without headphones.

Overall, we got another banger. And it’s pretty. 🍪⛽🩷🌚🌝

PS: I briefly explained live resin vs distillate in the Orange Sherbs review.