Sheeesh! Top Shelf Tricopath

Sheeesh! – Top Shelf (Tricopath)

“I got a single nug making up almost the entire hq. And that nose! Creamy berry bliss.”
πŸ€ͺ Sheeesh! – Top Shelf (Tricopath)

Steve, the Master Grower for Sheeesh! (not to be confused with the beverage company Sheesh), dropped by the store before his flower dropped on OCS. Talking to him he kept saying all the right things. He comes from legacy, and it shows. He takes a lot of pride in these bags, insisting on key aspects to justify the name of the SKU. It employs exotic genetics, is impeccably fresh, has great bag appeal, and is bred for more than just THC. In fact, when we first spoke he assured me that the first strain was going to be Fruity Pebbles at 35% THC, so I was pretty pissed receiving this bag at 24%. However, I messaged him, and again, he said all the right things. The harvest of Fruity Pebbles did not meet his standards while this batch of Tricopath did. And to prove it he bought us a bag through Dutchie to check out… I messaged back instantly, “You win”

Crack the bag and a big rock shimmering was the first thing I noticed. I got a single nug making up almost the entire hq. And that nose! Creamy berry bliss. The dominant myrcene takes the fore but portrays fresh cream rather than skunk backside. Underneath the sweeter notes from more sativa leaning terps come together to give that fruity vibe.

Smoked the first thing I noted was how incredibly smooth it is. I was taking bong hits as big as those from before darts ruined my lungs. The high is one of my favourites with a blast of balanced euphoria. Giggles come easy as mood and energy are boosted. But in a Blue Dream or Platinum Grapes kinda way, that is less frantic, more productive and patient. In the morning it promotes optimistic calm to match the sunrise. In the evening it drops your shoulders and lets you release the day. It’s the perfect example of THC not being everything. While not as punchy as some of my more recent reviews it’s very long-lasting and offers a more “complete” high feeling.

Overall… Steve, You made a fan. I’ll be trying everything you put your name on. πŸ’ŽπŸΌπŸ«πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜Œ