Saturday – Lemon Z

“Expanding on the bag appeal, this was some of the prettiest I have seen out of an ounce bag.”

Saturday’s Lemon Z

A super welcome addition to the OCS being one of the few strain-specific ounces available is decidedly sativa and hits the 20% THC benchmark. Its main competitor would be the various Good Supply ounces, most notably ⚜️ Jean Guy. If you’re going for straight THC, batches of Jean Guy will beat most batches of lemon-z, but you would also end up with more popcorn, stem, and general shake. Also, since these Lemon Z buds are so dense the insides retain more of their freshness and original terp profile, especially by the time you get through the full ounce.

Expanding on the bag appeal, this was some of the prettiest I have seen out of an ounce bag. Barely any tiny nugs, let alone shake at the bottom. They were somewhat squished, but the fact that they held those flat edges is a testament to how fresh and sticky it was. The smell of the full buds was rather muted, however, when busted the dank met me even before opening the grinder. Limonene and linalool are at the fore, like sipping on Lemon Drops you snuck into the Botanical Garden. A kushy afternote recalls this cut of Lemon Z’s less popular genetics. On the other side of Zkittles is Las Vegas Lemon Skunk which is a cross of Skunk #1 and SFV OG, both famed for breeding limonene into the old school.

With so much limonene coming from every part of its lineage it is no surprise that this stuff is pure energy. Throw on a cape, slap a Z on your chest, and smoke a bowl to start fighting crime! You are now Power Diesel! ? Faster than the first lockdown reprieve and more fearless than an adolescent raccoon. I felt an immediate pressure behind my eyes that forced them wide open. The overall psychoactivity was strong for the 20% number and the reason why the rush felt so intense.

Saturday’s Lemon Z deserves more attention. With an uplift akin to MTL’s Sage N Sour but less than half the price per gram, it is perfect for a daily wake n bake. Like the Sage N Sour, it uses heavy legacy Indica genetics to create something productive without losing its punch. I am very much looking forward to more choices from Saturday in these amazing bang for the buck ounces.