Royal City – RC Budder Cookies

“Crossing Girl Scout Cookies with Lemon Zkittles was a genius move and superior selecting made sure we got the best of both.”

RC Cannabis out of Guelph (The Royal City) has been well received since its debut on the market less than a year ago. They offer bud at a happy medium, between craft and value, that the market has been vocally demanding since legalization. This is my first experience with them and maybe this strain is a standout but my expectations were more than exceeded

Crossing Girl Scout Cookies with Lemon Zkittles was a genius move and superior selecting made sure we got the best of both. Opening the pack you are smacked by the sour dank straight away. A slightly skunky, slightly sweet, and incredibly sour smell. Super bright but hard to place, the closest smell I can think of is the rhubarb wine, an old chef was experimenting with for a while, in my kitchen days. Before your eyes stop watering you may be disappointed by what looks like popcorn but let them clear and you’ll notice each has a well-defined base and peak and heavy gilding of silver trichomes. Similar to the bud structure that gave Fruity Pebbles (FPOG) its name, these nugs are smaller but dense throughout and rock hard.

The taste on the inhale is dominated by the sour notes of limonene but rounded out by the fuel of the caryophyllene. On the exhale the fuel smell becomes sweet and in combo with the citrusy notes leaves an aftertaste like 30¢ sour keys

The high Is governed by the limonene with the “budder” side making this one unique. The two together create a buzz that is almost like being drunk. You are dumber and slower in the body without a doubt, but when paired with the boost in both energy and mood, there is a freeing from inhibition and social anxiety. My mouth was moving faster than my brain, and I was happy to take the dog on a long forest hike, despite tripping over every second stray root. The overall high is strong and super easy to overdo (as if there is such a thing) as it just keeps climbing without any crash

RC Sour Budder Cookies is a top choice for any day off of fun. At the beach for the day and rolling j after j. Headed to a concert and you wanna comfortably disassociate but still cause mayhem in the mosh. Or just like me, for romping around the forest with my best bud.