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Cannabis Reviews

Cannabis Reviews

Written by Sean

Body and Spirit Cannabis’ Terpene Specialist


Highland Grow Sensi Wizard

The rest of the bag appeal also met the high standards I have come to expect from Highland. The cure is one of the best in the game, giving a super smooth hit. And it not only preserves the terps but the overall freshness. Despite the nugs being on the smaller side, the cure coupled with the density meant they were still springy. There was no popcorn, shake, or obnoxious sugar leaves, just gorgeously triched out nugs.

Royal City RC Budder Cookies

Crossing Girl Scout Cookies with Lemon Zkittles was a genius move and superior selecting made sure we got the best of both. Opening the pack you are smacked by the sour dank straight away. A slightly skunky, slightly sweet, and incredibly sour smell. Super bright but hard to place, the closest smell I can think of is the rhubarb wine, an old chef was experimenting with for a while, in my kitchen days. Before your eyes stop watering you may be disappointed by what looks like popcorn but let them clear and you’ll notice each has a well-defined base and peak and heavy gilding of silver trichomes.

Truro Wedding Mint

The nose did not punch quite as much as I was expecting however when smoked the flavor is overwhelming. Of course it is dominated by a fuel like encapsulation of your entire palate by the caryophylene but this opens up every taste bud to the complex hoppy and tea type notes. In the same way Szechuan peppercorn makes the other flavours expand, the gas makes the earthiness surround like with a good cigar.

Ogen Freshly Baked #76

From the first you will feel the punch of the high THC amplified by the also high levels of caryophylene from those cakey genetics. At the same time this is giving you an intense pressure behind the eyes and a pleasant incapacitation, you will start to feel the uplift this pheno was selected for. Motivation is high and anxieties are nonexistent, though the ability to do much with either is almost nil. This is the perfect bud to pass around and just guffaw and giggle.

Saturday Lemon Z

Expanding on the bag appeal, this was some of the prettiest I have seen out of an ounce bag. Barely any tiny nugs, let alone shake at the bottom. They were somewhat squished, but the fact that they held those flat edges is a testament to how fresh and sticky it was. The smell of the full buds was rather muted, however, when busted the dank met me even before opening the grinder. Limonene and linalool are at the fore, like sipping on Lemon Drops you snuck into the Botanical Garden.

Jonny Chronic Acapulco Gold

Acapulco Gold by Jonny Chronic is some absolutely beautiful bud, grown and processed with obvious care that is is seen in its every detail. Getting this landrace sativa, that is about as old school as it gets, to look like this an achievement.

Cove Rise

Cove’s cut of Green Crack is one that actually deserves a rename, adding their own spin to this classic. The nugs really have to be felt in person to be believed and have a flavour worthy of Kawartha’s. It would have been perfect for a full-scale Pride parade but will also be perfect for hide ‘n seek and fetch.

Redecan Lilac Diesel

The taste is something to write your grandma about. It is just as delicately pungent as the name Lilac Diesel would imply. In the same way, guaiol transforms the petrol notes of caryophyllene in the Blue fam into berry sweetness, the 2% terpinolene in here combines with the caryophyllene to create a soft but all-encompassing floral aroma.

Reef Organic High Seas

Claiming the High Times title of Strongest Strain on Earth TWICE, Ghost Train Haze is famous for delivering the classic haze balanced boost while still obliterating even seasoned heads. I felt a buzz at the back of my mind after two bowls and was able to maintain it from my morning coffee until bed, without feeling burnt out at all.

Highland Grow Gaelic Fire

Bred using long-established genetics (Afghani x Cali Kush) this strain’s unique properties and >25% THC (currently at 26.1%) is a result of decades of deliberate selecting. While very reminiscent of an old-school kush, carrying undertones of spice and Thai basil, its dominant terpene is unmistakably pinene.

Ness Lemon Berry

The bud structure was on the denser side, especially for such old-school sativa genetics. And being fresher this made that squishy nug type that is such a pleasure to roll. It burned very smoothly and was even easy to smoke for my low-frequency friend.

Haven St. Premium Retrograde

The smell was heavy, with the garlic and citrus notes creating something dank and unapologetic. The aroma permeated my nose, palette, and entire basement. The nugs were on the small side though dense, coated in trichs, and impeccably trimmed, just like Haven St’s popular Indigo Daze.

MTL Sage n' Sour Cannabis Reviews

The famous strain was one of the first to popularize that rush indicative of a citrus forward terp profile. It was crossed with S.A.G.E. which won the 2001 High Times Cup for offering that same feeling while heavily featuring old school Afghani genetics on both sides of its lineage. The result is a sativa that will give heavier users a boost while it may couch lock the uninitiated.

Sundial Blue Nova

The super popular strain is known for its immediate cerebral uplift assisting creativity and good times. After the initial boost it quickly settles in to a more stoney high that is not quite functional but not at all sedating or debilitating. And all of that is great, but can be found in a myriad of other strains. What makes Blue Dream unique is its accompanying profound body relaxation.

Good Supply Good Ol' Hash

Good Supply’s Good Ol’ Hash is their latest offering in an ever growing catalogue of solventless concentrates. First, I very much appreciated the price point, competing with OS, at about $30 for a 2g bag. I was also impressed at the THC count being on the higher end for anything solventless, let alone hash (my current pack is at 39%).

Broken Coast Pipe Dream

Upon opening the container I smelt a simple sweetness very reminiscent of Jamaica’s famous Lamb’s Bread. Fresh cream with just a touch of star anise. On the exhale the strong sweetness is accompanied by many complex notes akin to a really high quality honey. There is an overriding sweetness in addition to an array of other flavours, so many that none is able to play star, but together they make something complete and comforting.


Qwest’s Ex-Wife is a strain I have been looking forward to for a bit now. Ever since we got the pre-rolls and they came in at 29%. I knew I wanted to hold out for the flower after recently trying their Pineapple Cake and being awe-struck by the large pretty buds.

JWC Old School Black Hash Cannabis Reviews

JWC’s “Old School Black Hash” is exactly that other than appearance. I was pumped when I saw it on our menu because finding that old squishy hash, the traditional Afghan style, has been hard. Especially hard to find at a higher THC %. The bubbles and sifts have been testing higher than the gooey stuff, which is they way it is on the legacy market, but one of the benefits of legalization has been the improvement of niche products.

SHRED Cannabis

SHRED Cannabis Reviews

I took home the Tropic Thunder and wow. Less shake and stem than many premium containers, being manly visible flower pistils. And the smell ooo the smell. An orange blossom honey bee farm. It was very fresh due to the moisture pack, but as you can see it burns nice and white.

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