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Haven St. Premium Retrograde

The smell was heavy, with the garlic and citrus notes creating something dank and unapologetic. The aroma permeated my nose, palette, and entire basement. The nugs were on the small side though dense, coated in trichs, and impeccably trimmed, just like Haven St’s popular Indigo Daze.

MTL Sage n' Sour Cannabis Reviews

The famous strain was one of the first to popularize that rush indicative of a citrus forward terp profile. It was crossed with S.A.G.E. which won the 2001 High Times Cup for offering that same feeling while heavily featuring old school Afghani genetics on both sides of its lineage. The result is a sativa that will give heavier users a boost while it may couch lock the uninitiated.

Sundial Blue Nova

The super popular strain is known for its immediate cerebral uplift assisting creativity and good times. After the initial boost it quickly settles in to a more stoney high that is not quite functional but not at all sedating or debilitating. And all of that is great, but can be found in a myriad of other strains. What makes Blue Dream unique is its accompanying profound body relaxation.

Good Supply Good Ol' Hash

Good Supply’s Good Ol’ Hash is their latest offering in an ever growing catalogue of solventless concentrates. First, I very much appreciated the price point, competing with OS, at about $30 for a 2g bag. I was also impressed at the THC count being on the higher end for anything solventless, let alone hash (my current pack is at 39%).

Broken Coast Pipe Dream

Upon opening the container I smelt a simple sweetness very reminiscent of Jamaica’s famous Lamb’s Bread. Fresh cream with just a touch of star anise. On the exhale the strong sweetness is accompanied by many complex notes akin to a really high quality honey. There is an overriding sweetness in addition to an array of other flavours, so many that none is able to play star, but together they make something complete and comforting.


Qwest’s Ex-Wife is a strain I have been looking forward to for a bit now. Ever since we got the pre-rolls and they came in at 29%. I knew I wanted to hold out for the flower after recently trying their Pineapple Cake and being awe-struck by the large pretty buds.

JWC Old School Black Hash Cannabis Reviews

JWC’s “Old School Black Hash” is exactly that other than appearance. I was pumped when I saw it on our menu because finding that old squishy hash, the traditional Afghan style, has been hard. Especially hard to find at a higher THC %. The bubbles and sifts have been testing higher than the gooey stuff, which is they way it is on the legacy market, but one of the benefits of legalization has been the improvement of niche products.

SHRED Cannabis

SHRED Cannabis Reviews

I took home the Tropic Thunder and wow. Less shake and stem than many premium containers, being manly visible flower pistils. And the smell ooo the smell. An orange blossom honey bee farm. It was very fresh due to the moisture pack, but as you can see it burns nice and white.

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