Reef Organic – High Seas

“With a mind towards sustainability first Reef has invested heavily in minimizing their water and energy consumption.”

Reef Organic’s “High Seas” is their name for Ghost Train Haze given to their small indoor batches of the strain with “particularly high levels of THC”

Claiming the High Times title of Strongest Strain on Earth TWICE, Ghost Train Haze is famous for delivering the classic haze balanced boost while still obliterating even seasoned heads. It immediately sits you down while stimulating new creative heights. After a short recovery, a heavy high continues as you get up and get out. I felt a buzz at the back of my mind after two bowls and was able to maintain it from my morning coffee until bed, without feeling burnt out at all. Fittingly I enjoyed romping around the forest, dog running ahead, getting tripped out by weird flowers and fungi.

It was fitting because Reef Organic has taken incredible steps, not only to ensure craft grade quality but to do so while using some of the cleanest and most sustainable growing practices in the world. They were the first LP in Canada to obtain a Clean Green Certification, which was started in 2004 to address the gap in government organic labels. Taking it a step further Clean Green inspects its members yearly to make sure they are upholding world-class standards of “consumer quality and environmental stewardship”. Especially important to socially minded consumers, the impact of large-scale growing on the water table, soil erosion, surrounding natural habitats, and a myriad of other environmental issues is the ugly open secret of legalization. With a mind towards sustainability first Reef has invested heavily in minimizing their water and energy consumption. And using a living koi aquaponics system they are able to eliminate the need for synthetic fertilizers, that create their own slew of environmental costs.

Reef Organic’s High Seas is akin to farm-fresh heirloom produce. Pretty and not so pretty buds are in the container though all are well-trimmed, delightfully hairy, and smell beautiful. Grown with care the mindfulness translates into an amazing smoke. It will defo be a rebuy as a perfect expression of Ghost Train Haze that you can feel good about putting your dollars behind.