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Redecan – Lilac Diesel

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Redecan Lilac Diesel

Redecan – Lilac Diesel

“Like strolling through a rose garden amid the spring bloom of wildflowers surrounding. This stuff can take weed perfume out of the novelty section.”

🌺 Lilac Diesel is Redecan’s latest strain and it lives up to the praise and high standards already expected of their other higher-end offering, Wappa. Like the Wappa, Lilac Diesel punches well above its weight both in terms of the THC it tests at and its price, being part of Redecan’s affordable portfolio.

The taste is something to write your grandma about. It is just as delicately pungent as the name Lilac Diesel would imply. In the same way, guaiol transforms the petrol notes of caryophyllene in the Blue fam into berry sweetness, the 2% terpinolene in here combines with the caryophyllene to create a soft but all-encompassing floral aroma. Roughly equal parts limonene 🍋 and pinene 🌲 with the richness of myrcene 🥭 round it out. Like strolling through a rose garden amid the spring bloom of wildflowers surrounding 🌹. This stuff can take weed perfume out of the novelty section.

The strain-specific effects were unique and induced such bliss that I am now on my third 1g bottle, waiting for the hq’s to be released. Crossing Silver Lemon Haze, Forbidden Fruit, Citral Glue, and NYC Cherry Pie the strain is a roller coaster. It first sends you soaring high taking you to the top of Mount Fuji. Beautiful sights among the clouds say hi to a bird. Then it kicks you off, but instead of plummeting into sleep it softly floats you down, gently as a leaf, into the couch. I was alert and sociable but still all comfy cozy 😊

Overall the Lilac Diesel makes a great Sativa option for Redecan fans looking for the standards that Wappa has established at the same affordable price. So far only testing at the lower end of its listed range I cannot wait for this cut to continue to improve. Redecan please us tell who bred this and either give them a standard contract or a raise! 💐🌺⛽🌺💐


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