Red Market Brand – Miigwetch

“The first strain, Miigwetch (Anishinaabe for thank you) is a heavy couch locker with clear legacy roots.”

🙏 Red Market Brand at its core is about economic reconciliation

“Our long-term goal is to establish a national network of First Nation licensed producers who will supply Red Market… After initial exclusion from the Cannabis Act, RMB will ensure Indigenous voices are heard and respected as the Canadian cannabis industry, and Canada itself, evolves” says Isadore Day, former Regional Chief of Ontario, Lake Huron Region Grand Chief, Vice-Chair of the North Shore Tribal Council, and co-owner of the brand

The other half, Christian Sinclair, made headlines during his tenure as Onekanew (Chief) for the Opaskwayak Cree Nation when he saw opportunities in the emerging industry and leveraged them to his community’s benefit. Where OCN was once near bankruptcy it’s now a key part of High Tide. “This is proof that even a small, remote First Nation community can become a big player in a billion-dollar market. Now, I want to share my expertise in building Red Market Brand as the number one Indigenous cannabis company in Canada that will also give back profits to our communities”

Both have pledged 25% of profits to Indigenous Causes and First Nations Wealth Creation, but the overall vision is so much more. It will support Indigenous communities in creating their own community determined wealth

The first strain, Miigwetch (Anishinaabe for thank you) is a heavy couch locker with clear legacy roots. It’s grown by Royal City, who’s always been well received, including by me. The first notes are complex yet clearly myrcene-driven. It has that rich creaminess that plays with trace terps for a funky mango papaya vibe. Underneath is bright cedar that comes through in the taste of an old-school woodsy skunk profile. No shake and my 3 nugs were dense and fresh. The high punches above its 22.8% THC leaving you dazed for the first bit then slowly setting down. It’s warm and cozy and exactly what you want from a couch locker

This is just the start. Red Market Brand not only provides a springboard for Indigenous communities to follow Opaskwayak Cree Nation’s example but gives us all an opportunity to contribute to our responsibility of economic reconciliation. Miigwetch 🙏🥭🌲💥🛋