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QWEST – Ex-Wife

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QWEST – Ex-Wife

“It was very smooth, as are all Qwest products. Whatever they are doing in their hanging room they are doing it right and with obvious care.”

Qwest’s Ex-Wife is a strain I have been looking forward to for a bit now. Ever since we got the pre-rolls and they came in at 29%. I knew I wanted to hold out for the flower after recently trying their Pineapple Cake and being awe-struck by the large pretty buds ?.

But on first opening the container I was disappointed. The nugs were not quite popcorn size but were not what I was expecting for the price nor from my past experiences with Qwest. However after about 5 seconds I got punched in the nose with what can only be described as the kush burn ⛰?. It made the entire store dank in the minute it took us to take the pic. Diesel ⛽, citrus ?, and a little something Axe would probably call “Arctic Blast ❄”. Super frosty, dense, and impeccably hand trimmed. The bud size was easily made up for by every other aspect of the bag appeal.

It was very smooth, as are all Qwest products. Whatever they are doing in their hanging room they are doing it right and with obvious care. ?

As for the effects, it was like a cleaner version of a super potent kush. The diesel was accompanied by the spiciness and citrus you would expect of a kush making it very balanced. However unlike your traditional legacy-market kush which also has large amounts of myrcene, Ex-Wife has bisabolol and linalool. Replacing the skunk and belly button cheese undertones ? with those of chamomile and lavender ?. This is why the high felt so clean. The couch-locking myrcene was largely replaced with linalool, which produces some body relief but no sedation.

It was perfect for an evening after work. I was able to take the dog for a short walk before settling on the couch (I am binging the Rocky movies right now ?). Thankfully my eyes did not begin to close until my normal bed time, which was perfect as I did not have to switch to a specifically sleepy strain before ending the night. ?

Overall a great smoke with very pronounced specific effects that could accompany almost any (unproductive) quarantine evening. The bud quality, especially the cure, is at the high bar you would expect from Qwest. Be sure to grab it fast, as with all Qwest flower it is small batch, and they do not always come back! ?


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