Qwest Apple Mac

Qwest – Apple MAC

“It slaps with the full 31% THC. The body relief is moderate, but the mind is left useless.”

πŸ‘— Qwest – Apple MAC

Leave it to Capulator to come up with such a great strain name. Not tasting or smelling like apples, this is Cap’s cut of MAC 1 crossed with Trophy Wife. With the wife making this the apple of your eye, this becomes Apple MAC.

Normally any Capulator genetics are a no-brainer but this was grown by Qwest, who is notorious for overpriced, low terp bud. We only brought this in store because their rep assured me their standards and practices have improved both in their grow and production… and… They have!

Open the jar, and you’re met with a sweet, spicy complex aroma. On top is the signature potpourri nose tickle of MAC 1. This differs from a more petrol-type nose sensation because of slight citrus, with a note Cap describes as like Nag Champa incense. Underneath, a sweeter floral tone comes out. You’re smelling flowers before and after they’ve been dried out and perfumed to make the potpourri.

The cure is lacking, harsh in both a joint and the bong. But it at least serves as a fair warning for the kapow coming soon. It slaps with the full 31% THC. The body relief is moderate, but the mind is left useless. Not much sedation but a profound sense of calm and an ever-present waviness that makes you forget the world. The writing was a no go, as was most tv. It was a night for music, letting me be present, feeling every note.

Qwest has stepped up their game. You can see the production quality in the shiny micro pics, and the effects followed suit. While some aspects could still use some improvement they are no longer the Qwest of last year. It’s great to see because they have access to amazing designer genetics and huge resources. Hopefully, it’s just the start! 🌹🌺πŸͺ”πŸ₯ŠπŸ₯Š