Purple Hills Terra Nova Live Hash

Purple Hills – Terra Nova Live Hash

“When you open the bag, it’s clear this is no ordinary hash.”

πŸ’œ Purple Hills – Terra Nova Live Hash

So this is a product I have no clue how to sell despite deserving a spot in everyone’s stash. In a recent Reddit thread (where they remain active), Purple Hills gave a few details:

“…while it is at the higher end of the hash group price range, it’s from fresh frozen, and the potency (around 70%) makes it too potent to put two grams in a bag [due to Ontario’s limit of 1000mg THC per concentrate package], which would help lower cost. You could throw this in parchment paper, press it, and have solid live rosin… it is material bagged and shared with you guys before it would otherwise be pressed into live rosin β€” not just squeezed together the bottom of the bag, shake and keif.”

When you open the bag, it’s clear this is no ordinary hash. You’re immediately hit with the wonderful sweetness and berry bliss. We can smell the flower used to make this, a cross between Birthday Cake and Black Cherry Punch. It is presented as a single caramel-coloured puck and breaks down into a sticky golden wet sand consistency.

It is almost too much sprinkled on a bowl and smoked in the bong. Maybe because of all the caryophyllene, in addition to the THC, it feels like a stake through the brain, like the first time taking a dab. It then settles into your body with the classic hash kind of high, just stronger. A joint is probably the more reasonable way to use this, and you get to avoid the brain blast (unless that sounds good to you). This way, you get a pleasant weighted blanket effect on your temples, then your shoulders, followed by everywhere else. I was expecting more pinene-type effects from the BCP side, but I think the insane potency made that moot

Overall, this is the best hash I have ever tried. It has the smokability and ease of use that you would expect of tar or afghan but the potency of a bubble hash. At $35, it’s a treat. I’ll keep this in my stash the same way others keep a fancier bottle of scotch. Not for everyday consumption but a welcome treat and worthy flex. πŸ’πŸŽ‚πŸ₯ŠπŸ₯ŠπŸ₯Š