Prarie Grass Bruce Banner

Prairie Grass – Bruce Banner

“Bruce Banner has been legacy famous since way before legalization.”

🍓 Prairie Grass – Bruce Banner

Here’s a great example of how horribly run OCS is. Because they’re a smaller farm, OCS has decided to discontinue this skew. What’s the point of a craft designation if it doesn’t provide some level of protection to those dedicated to upholding the high standards expected of it..?

In any case, it’s our last chance to try this cut for a bit, and damn I’m glad I did. Bruce Banner has been legacy famous since way before legalization. Though never at this quality, I remember selling it in the grey market store I worked at. It’s tried and true, offering a Sativa feel to daily smokers from its Sour family genetics, while not losing any punch from its OG Kush side. Prairie Grass has the original from Darkhorse and has grown it to an amazing standard. They’re a family farm, run by two sisters, who are also growing food crops while raising animals. These are farmers taking pride in their work, and it shows.

Opening the bag is a treat. Wafts of cheese hit in heavy waves, dominating the top note. Not sharp like cheddar, but softer, more nuanced, like a Swiss or Emmenthal. Underneath is the namesake strawberry from the Strawberry Diesel half of its lineage. It provides a wonderful sweetness that helps round out the savoury notes. The nugs are massive, showing off how fresh the 4-week cure kept it. And despite a looser bud structure than I remember from legacy, the inside remained perfectly protected, as seen in the micro pics.

On smoking, the two notes from the nose come together to bake up cheesecake. The smoke is notably smooth as a strong buzzing at the back of the mindsets in right away. Not upfront and anxiety-inducing. Very unlike the other strong sativas that were bred more recently, this one feels balanced in the mind, closer to its landrace roots. Despite this the physical energy is great, being more than up enough for work or working out. It was long-lasting and strong, punching way above its 25%, a standout among strains this energetic.

Overall Bruce Banner grown by Prairie Grass and released by Sheltercraft is everything that the craft label should represent. OCS you’re dropping the ball on this one. Step it up! 👃🍓🎷🎆🔋