Pistol & Paris Orange Tingz

Pistol & Paris – Orange Tingz

“Orange Tingz makes full use of its genetic makeup. Open the jar and you’re met with overwhelming orange.”

🍊 Pistol & Paris – Orange Tingz

Pistol & Paris has joined the growing list of craft LPs who made their start in legacy. Years of experience actually pay off.. who knew huh? Bred by Motherlabs crossing TMAC (Tangie x MAC1) and Slurricane. It was grown by JBuds, a family-owned craft outfit from the Okanagan. They were also trusted by Ghost Drops to grow some of their first batches, a fact I was very excited to learn after trying those deservedly hyped pink jars

Orange Tingz makes full use of its genetic makeup. Open the jar and you’re met with overwhelming orange. It’s strong, bright, and lights up every face it nears. Underneath is a minty petrol note, which makes sense given that it has roughly the same amount of caryophyllene (.82%) as limonene (.85%). A fun detail for nug nerds is provided by the full COAs listed on their site. It has a tight bud structure that busted into the perfect fluffy spongey treat

The taste is amazing. The brightest and most distinct orange taste I’ve ever had, it lost all deeper diesel notes when smoked and presented as tart fresh clementine. The overall amount of taste is among the top on the market, punching way above its total terp count of 3.8%. The high is immediate. A strong buzzing at the front of the mind as the rest clears out. Very reminiscent of its Tangie side, but much stronger at 25%. It settles into a clear-minded high that will give you the energy to run a 10k. This is the perfect workout weed. It lasted long, letting me buzz for a full hike without lighting up the pinner I brought along. I plan on using this all day my next day off as there’s no crash that’s not more than refreshed by another hit. Like downing 5-hour energies hit after hit, minus the jitters

I now have three new brands to watch. Motherlabs will forever catch my eye when looking up genetics because if strains this well thought out are their norm I cannot wait to try more. Pistol & Paris for selecting such wonderful seeds and JBuds for growing them to their full potential. This kind of feel is very hard to find with a tolerance like mine and will remain in my stash until they stop growing it. Thanks all for your years of honing your craft 🍊👅🔋💥🧐