Pineapple Buds: Hawaiian Pineapple

BC Black – Pineapple Buds: Hawaiian Pineapple

“Open the pack and the name completely pops. Candied pineapple.”

🍍 BC Black – Pineapple Buds: Hawaiian Pineapple

BC Black has proven they execute their model masterfully. From Miracle Valley to Black Kettle, they partner with amazing farms that use years of legacy experience to grow beautiful bud that slaps. This time they’re working with Pineapple Buds and their Hawaiian Pineapple.

Dole Whip × Cookies and Cream. Both parents are bred in-house from the legendary Exotic Genetix, who gained their rep by crossing new and unique flavours with their high testing and lush Starfighter cut. The Dole Whip is where we get the fruitiness. It combines Tangie and Mint Chocolate Chip flavours on its Tropic Truffles side, which is crossed with Cookies and Cream. Like a backcross, this reinforces that Girl Scout stoney but not sedating high while introducing some energy and a lip-smacking yum. The strain is also notable in that it tests up to 1.4% of CBG, a cannabinoid often sought but still rare in significant amounts

Unlike most BC Black, this was packaged on-site by Pineapple Buds. Unfortunately, we do not have the tuna cans that keep everything so fresh. However, it also resulted in a much faster time getting the bud to market. The current lot available in Ontario was packaged on April 1, which is about average, but it was only harvested in March and remained fresh. Open the pack and the name completely pops. Candied pineapple. No other way to describe it, its sugary sweet with the distinct tropical notes of pineapple

The unique taste comes out in the smoke. While much of the sweetness is lost, the exhale leaves a taste exactly like pineapples. The high stays pretty true to its Girl Scout genetics and 24% THC count, with a nice punch that slows you down both mentally and physically. Where it differs is a nice uplift from the higher amounts of limonene. And with the CBG we get to experience this uplift throughout the high, not just at the start. Simply put, its giggly good times

Overall, Pineapple Buds is a farm I hope we get to see more of. This here is a very well thought out bit of breeding, sure to please even the most particular of flavour chasers. Aloha! 🍍🍍🤪🍍🍍