Ontario Micro Growers Slap N Tickle by Frost Cannabis

Ontario Micro Growers – Slap N Tickle by Frost Cannabis

“Frost Cannabis is from Burlington and upholds impressive standards.”

❄️ Ontario Micro Growers – Slap N Tickle by Frost Cannabis

Finally! Ontario has an answer to BC Black. I have wanted a brand to showcase all the great talent here at home, the same way BC Black has done for Miracle Valley, Smoker Farms, Pineapple Buds and many more out of BC. Using a similar model, they plan on introducing new farms to the legal market or helping with limited releases from micro grows. Here we get both!

Frost Cannabis is from Burlington and upholds impressive standards. Their first strain out has unique genetics, stacks of trichs, and tons of flavour. They used a 12-day dry period before a 30-day cure, which sounds like freshness fucking overkill until you see that they maintained 13% moisture. All of which are listed on their super detailed packaging.

Open up, and the lineage weirdly came through in the nose. GMO × Grape Pie, it smells like garlic grapes.. very odd. I have no context for this. The nug selection is excellent, with my entire HQ comprised three big beauts. And it bears repeating. They are coated in trichomes. They are spilling over each other as they jostle in any space.

When smoked, the weird nose thankfully transforms. The taste has a sweet kombucha top note, reminding me a lot of the well-grown lots of Ghost Drops’ First Class Funk. The exhale is earthier but still sweet, fresh dew and peat. In terms of effects, it hit like a GMO. That strong inescapable buzz at the front of the brain is accompanied by minor body relief. It’s not sedating or couch locking but is still in no way productive. Instead, it’s a giggly puncher, great for campfires, 90s comedies, and just escaping.

Overall this has me excited. First legal gets a great new farm that is upholding their quad standards from their legacy days. And it’s just the start as Ontario Micro Growers already has a second SKU from a second farm lined up. I can’t wait to try Desi from Five Rivers Cannabis, with hopefully plenty more to come! 🧄🍇🍵🤯🤯