Ogen Megaton Melon #4

Ogen – Megaton Melon #4

Their selection still conjures summertime memories of fresh-cut watermelon, ripe and sweet.
🍉 Ogen – Megaton Melon #4

Refreshing, light, and a tasty way to start the morning. Ogen has improved upon Watermelon Z by crossing it with one of my faves, Purple Punch.

Their selection still conjures summertime memories of fresh-cut watermelon, ripe and sweet. But underneath is a creamy funk. It’s a unique taste that makes sense in the context of weed but would seem bizarre in any other place.

The bag appeal is in line with Ogen’s usual standards. The freshness is perfect, with the moisture pack keeping the nugs spongy and smelling strong. There were a couple of smaller nugs, but all were whole. Unfortunately, the trim could have been better with several sugar leaves left behind, made more noticeable on the tinier nugs.

When smoked, that particular taste comes through in all its odd funky sweet glory. Again the watermelon is on top with the funk, also going sweet and playing support on the exhale. It all comes through strong, with Ogen’s curing process always letting the terps sing their loudest.

The effects are a perfect blend of the two parents. The Watermelon Z comes through with an even uplift in mood and energy. It doesn’t get racy but remains level. And the Purple Punch provides a working body high, similar to Blue Dream. Also, like Punch, the high was long-lasting with the same effects and no crash.

Mid hike gave me a moment of catharsis and a bounce in my step on the way home. But I’ve been using it more as my wake n bake, giving just enough motivation to start my day and the calm to continue it.

Here’s another great unique strain from Ogen. This one doesn’t hit hard, but that’s not its purpose. It’s for flavour chasers first and foremost, being a must-try. But if you need some energy and other sativas you’ve tried have been too racy, here is a better tasting option than a landrace. 🍉🧀🤔🥰🔋