Nugz Old School Hash

Nugz – Old School Hash

“The minty side came out, making an enticing and refreshing top note.”

🍬 Nugz – Old School Hash (Cuban Linx × Gelato Mint)

Great product here and a sure-fire way to hook those like me, always looking to smoke something new. Nugz is taking strains we already know and love, labelling them on the front of the bag, and turning them into tasty, fragrant hash.

That’s the first thing you notice when ripping the pack. The minty side came out, making an enticing and refreshing top note. Underneath, you get your earthy and more profound coffee notes expected of hash. It’s a great texture to work with and is malleable without any heat. Some stick to the baggy on its way out, but since it coheres to itself so well, that can be easily rolled up without sticking to your fingers.

The high is where the strains used make the most significant difference. Unlike most hash, whose inputs and resulting terp profile tend to skew very indica, this one is more in the middle, maybe even Sativa leaning. It’s mentally stimulating and chatty. I found myself both with the energy to take the dog on a hike and the patience to brush him out after—all with a day off the buzz and a classic hash rubbery limb feeling.

While this will not be replacing the Tremblant as the hash in my stash, it will be a rebuy whenever they have tasty-looking inputs (waiting for anything lemon berry), or I need a more Sativa option, and their current strains lean that way… seriously though I want some lemon berry tar 🐆🍨🌲🥊🤣