New craft cannabis flower carries important message

“Miigwetch” is a word in the Anishinaabe language that means “Thank You”.

Miigwetch is the name of the first craft cannabis product from Red Market Brand, an Indigenous owned and operated business that teaches us: “Reconciliation is a responsibility for all Canadians which can start with educating ourselves about the past to ensure positive and meaningful change is made today.”

In the past, Canada implemented a residential school system to assimilate Indigenous people and to take away their language and culture. The Government of Canada took Indigenous children away from their families and sent them to residential schools, where the abuse they suffered caused lasting trauma to Indigenous people, their families, communities and culture.

Miigwetch is an innovative and profound example of how cannabis can be a catalyst for positive change in Canada. This high-quality craft cannabis product represents a bridge between cultures and offers cannabis consumers an opportunity to advance meaningful reconciliation through education and economic benefit.

The founders of Red Market Brand embody a strong tradition of leadership and service to their people. They devote a portion of the profits from cannabis sales to creating sustainable First Nation community health and wealth. The launch of Miigwetch expands Indigenous inclusivity in the regulated cannabis industry, teaches us about the need for education about Indigenous language and culture and is an important step forward for economic reconciliation.

The team at Body and Spirit Cannabis is privileged to offer this important new product to customers who value high quality craft cannabis and who wish to align their commercial and recreational actions with Indigenous economic reconciliation.


By Al Shefsky, Founder
Body and Spirit Cannabis