Lemon Berry - Ness

Ness – Lemon Berry

“Great selecting is responsible for its THC but its very unique genetics get credit for the terps.”

Lemon Berry by -ness is the most flavorful bud I have tried in a long while. It tasted even stronger and sweeter than a hemp or blunt wrap and reminded me of the good ol’ days of flavored Prime Time cigarellos. And testing at 25% it is the best of both worlds.

Great selecting is responsible for its THC but its very unique genetics get credit for the terps. On one side is Lemon Thai. As expected it is very high in limonene and myrecene but also the much rarer camphene. Named for camphor, it has that same spicy yet cooling, forest after the rain aroma. On the other side is a strain lost to time, Dabney Blue. Being part of the Blueberry fam it shows how sweet caryophylene can be and is also heavy in Guaiol which gives these strains that unique berriness.

All of this comes together in the Lemon Berry making something that barely smells like weed at all. Lemon zest and strawberries makes an amazing top note that tastes like something Wrigley wished they cooked up. The myrecene provides a richness in the same way it does for mangoes and papayas. It is well trimmed, although they did cut one of my larger nugs off at the top. The bud structure was on the denser side, especially for such old school sativa genetics. And being fresher this made that squshy nug type that is such a pleasure to roll. It burned very smooth and was even easy to smoke for my low-frequency friend.

At the start of the high, this feels uplifting in the same balanced way as a Haze, showing off the limonene and myrcene. It was notable in that the more I smoked the higher I got with seemingly no cap. However, after a couple of hours, I was ready for bed, unlike a Haze. The caryophylene does more than just taste good. Whether my high never reached a cap because sleep came first or I crashed harder than normal after smoking so much trying to find that cap, I am not sure. Probably a bit of both.

Lemon Berry by -ness is the perfect after-work Sativa. Removing any hope of functioning this stuff is not for the morning, especially with how easy it is to sip on J after J. If you love tasty bud this is a must-try. It’s my first purchase from -ness but will not be my last.