Mood Ring Florida Citrus Kush

Mood Ring – Florida Citrus Kush

“Extremely sour but balanced by the unmistakable bitterness of orange zest.”

🍊 Mood Ring – Florida Citrus Kush

Mood Ring is the new kid on the block. Joining others, such as Sugarbud and Cali, both well received for putting out craft at a less than craft price. And what a strain to start with!

Selected by Master Sommelier JosΓ© Dominguez it ticks every box that quads should, despite the wallet-friendly tag. First, the packaging is on point, using a resealable can with a nitro flush to keep the flower fresh. Also a sign of craft, in addition to the impressive THC of 26% it boasts a terp count of 3.6%. Some LPs select for potency, others for flavour, good ones manage both.

And the terps found, are not your typical profile. In large measure is the myrcene πŸ₯­, caryophyllene β›½, and limonene πŸ‹ expected of a kush. But also a decent amount of linalool πŸ’, with both fenchol 🌿 and farnesene πŸ’ playing their part. Both the aroma and taste have top notes in line with the name. Extremely sour but balanced by the unmistakable bitterness of orange zest. The exhale has the classic kush taste with a bit more citrus (think Cold Creek). And the orange is back on the aftertaste, this time punctuated by a bit of diesel

Chemdawg β›½ Γ— Sour Florida OG 🦨 Γ— Lemon Thai πŸͺ”. Each part of it’s lineage is characterized by limonene while balanced by complex terps. I can only imagine the other gems in that pheno room. In FCK the unique blend results in a strong kush high followed by a hard crash. I did not experience the uplift that I was expecting, but a strong and inescapable buzzing at the front of my mind. I’ve smoked it a couple of nights now, just watching tv after work, and each time I’ve noticed how messed up it gets me. It is not stony, allowing me to track complicated plot lines, but a constant vibration creates ongoing euphoria. Keep taking hits to refresh the high but if not eventually you crash, and crash hard. I bypassed the couch altogether and it was straight to bed

Overall, Mood Ring’s Florida Citrus Kush is an amazing offering, especially considering its price. The quality will not disappoint cannasseurs used to craft and will blow away those used to mids. Great job Mood Ring! And please keep sending me promo stuff, it makes for great pics! 🍊🍊🌿🀯