Lowbanks Grow Cherry Bomb Gelato

Lowbanks Grow – Cherry Bomb Gelato

“The usual bright cherry notes are expected of the name, but it has a unique gummy candy note.”

🍒 Lowbanks Grow – Cherry Bomb Gelato

This here is family farming. No socials, no fancy branding, not even a fully fleshed-out site. What they do have are amazing internal genetics that tests high but also tastes great. All while managing to price in the value category by taking care of everything, from pheno hunting to sale, in-house.

The aroma is incredible. Much stronger than anything else I’ve tried above 25% THC at this price. And it’s delicious. The usual bright cherry notes are expected of the name, but it has a unique gummy candy note. Artificial smelling in the best way it actually smells like Twizzlers.

But the freshness was not good. Though maybe on par for its price, there are many stickier options even cheaper. And this led to the buds breaking up in the pouch. About half the bag was whole but the rest was popcorn. The trichome coverage is insane, but even in the pic, you can see some falling off before being rehydrated. It was fine and actually smooth in the bong but needs a boveda overnight to be able to roll and get the full taste.

The overall high is strong, as its 27% test would suggest. Clear, almost entirely cerebral, with very little of the body or indica-type effects I’d expect from either side of its name. It was productive enough to write this review and even provided a clean wake n bake on a rainy day off. Like some more uplifting cherry strains, it has the type of buzz that lets you focus while providing a mellowing sensation at the back of the mind.

Overall this is a very promising start. Their processing does not match the grow quality. And their very charming customer care agent could use a crash course on the pitfalls of Reddit (hilarious post easy to find, very cute once you’ve spoken to Marta). But the grow quality and genetics are there. A no-brainer for bong smokers, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more flavorful bud at this price, and it definitely won’t be above 25%. 🍒🍭🏷️🌵😋