Sundae Driver Terpene

Kolab Sundae Driver Terpene Sticks

“The taste is strong with sweet gas as it coats your entire palette and surrounds you in thick smoke.”

⛪ Kolab – Sundae Driver Terpene Sticks

Weed soaked in terp sauce. These are my dream. As infused prerolls start to claim their spot in the market, Kolab continues its pattern of innovation by producing something unique.

But I opened these and started laughing. I knew the reviews, comically stubby but a rebuy for most. Even with review pics just how short these are caught me off guard.. lmao what am I supposed to do with this. But I had them already, with a long wait at the bus stop, so I lit one up.

First off, they burn perfectly. Not just for a preroll or even a joint. They smoulder as evenly as a stick of incense. They’re smooth enough for rare smokers (even if the potency may not be a good idea). And with the humidity pack included they stay as fresh as something with the name terp stick should be. The taste is strong with sweet gas as it coats your entire palette and surrounds you in thick smoke.

As to effects, the cerebral high punches with the full 30%+ THC. It’s stoney and puts heavy pressure behind my eyes right away. I wasn’t forced to bed like I am with a hard burnout but knew I could close my eyes and drift off at any time. The body relief is the phenomenal bit. Perfect after 8 hours of standing, that catch in my lower back evaporates, and I was left to wander my mind in a puddle at the back of the bus.

Generally, I am not a fan of prerolls. Just learn to roll.. it takes one evening with a gram of bud and a youtube tutorial. But here we have something that you cannot feasibly roll by yourself. Terp-infused weed, not just spiked with THC as you can do at home with kief or diamonds, but terp soaked which takes equipment and time. The burn is better than anything I could roll especially with hash or any other extract. What else is there to say? 🔎🕯️🎷🤤🥰