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Jonny Chronic – Acapulco Gold

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Jonny Chronic - Acapulco Gold

Jonny Chronic – Acapulco Gold

“Despite the bud structure being that of a landrace sativa, there was no shake on the bottom nor even a sugar leaf hidden in the varied peaks and valleys.”

👑 Jonny Chronic’s Acapulco Gold is one I have wanted to try ever since seeing the pics of the last lot, but it sold out before I could get to it! Frosty, hairy, and large beautiful colas. And let me tell ya, my lot did not disappoint.

Opening the pack (which was much easier than usual) I was greeted by three large and in charge gram nugs. The .5 was rounded out with two bits of popcorn. This is the way to bag. There was a clear priority on making sure the presentation was something to get excited about. And the larger buds truly showcased just how damn frosty these were. Despite the bud structure being that of a landrace sativa, there was no shake on the bottom nor even a sugar leaf hidden in the varied peaks and valleys.

The smell on this is dominated by the humulene and bisabolol. It is soft but not lacking in any way, conjuring very specific memories of waking up when camping. Open beers, still smoldering birch, and of course the surrounding forest also just waking up still covered in dew 🏕️.

Now to the good bit, the high.. This one is a creeper so be warned! Smoking my first bowl I was kinda underwhelmed. No rush that I would normally associate with “sativas”. I decided to pack another bowl, still hoping to feel the strain, if not the THC. But before I knew it 30 min had passed as the bong sat on my lap, thoroughly enjoying Netflix’s new “Sweet Tooth” 🙃. I was laughing my ass off, still able to focus but with an appropriately light heart for the fantasy world. Acapulco Gold raises your mood but lacking significant amounts of limonene does little to raise your energy. It was incredibly balanced as there was no crash and was even productive enough for work. I had unlimited patience for the very varied folk we love serving at Yonge and Dundas. And on a day off it is the type you can happily wreck yourself with to get through some chores 🧺.

Acapulco Gold by Jonny Chronic is some absolutely beautiful bud, grown and processed with obvious care that is is seen in its every detail. Getting this landrace sativa, that is about as old school as it gets, to look like this an achievement. The high is one to remember.. well.. at least I hope I do 🙃🤤🌫️🌤️☀️


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