Homestead Bandwagon Blue Dream

Homestead – Bandwagon Blue Dream

“Being both owned by Rubicon, Homestead’s Blue Dream is Simply Bare’s Blue Dream when it tests below 18% minimum THC count.”

🫐 Homestead – Bandwagon Blue Dream

So here is one of those bags that’s just plain ol a good deal. Being both owned by Rubicon, Homestead’s Blue Dream is Simply Bare’s Blue Dream when it tests below 18% minimum THC count. And at 17.5%, I am more than happy to pick this stuff up at under $5 a g

Open the bag, and the aroma that spills out is sure to convince anyone who wasn’t already part of the sesh to join on in 🧑🏽‍💼🧑🏽‍🎤🧓🏽. Wondrously sweet with notes of pomegranate and raspberry to round it out, it tastes like candy. I used it in every joint over my Thanksgiving weekend, letting me extend the life of some more premium stuff while adding a delectability that’s always welcome.

The rest of the bag appeal also looked great and is incredibly impressive among the other ounces on OCS. It seems like they used a tumbler instead of hand trimming, as evidenced by the rounded nug peaks and some smaller pieces. However, at this price, that’s expected and looking at the micro pics, there does not seem to be many damaged trichomes inside. This may be due to the density 🪖 which is not only great for protecting terps and flavour but protecting those trich heads.

As for effects, this is precisely how Blue Dream should be. From the first, there are all the body effects usually associated with heavier indicas. Tension, anxiety, and shoulders drop immediately. There’s a feeling behind the eyes, though not a pressure, more like an excuse to rest them for a bit, but only if you’re so inclined because there’s no sleepiness. And unlike many cuts of this oft-tweaked strain, there is no uplift either, missing the typically higher levels of limonene. The result is a very even high, giving a profound sense of calm, without any buzzing or rapid thoughts ☮️

Homestead’s Bandwagon Blue Dream is one that I will be keeping on hand ALWAYS. I cannot think of a better bud for those afraid of the adverse effects of THC but still want a nice high and an even more excellent smoke. This was perfect for the fam on Thanksgiving, from the smoothness to the taste to the unintimidating results. And next time some weed ends up tasting like grandpa’s big toe, I now have a way to save it! 👃🏽🤩💨👅