Highly Dutch – Organic Marrakech Gold Hash

The Organic Marrakech Gold is made using simple methods reminiscent of the Moroccan style it is named for.”

Organic Marrakech Gold Hash by Highly Dutch

Finally! Some real old-school, gooey, potent, and tasty hash! Others have ticked some of those boxes but not all, and can make for fun casual concentrates in their own right, but do not scratch that nostalgic itch many of us have for that familiar tar.

The Organic Marrakech Gold is made using simple methods reminiscent of the Moroccan style it is named for. Trichomes are combined with terps to create a texture that is smooth and malleable. It is ready to snake out of the bag without the need for extra work or heating. The colour is the only thing not as old school, being on the lighter side. Since minimal heat is used in its production the trichomes remain mainly amber and create a hash that is dark brown rather than black, and even appears gold at the right angle.

The potency cannot be denied, testing at 41% THC, is among the strongest available. Also, the bud’s Sativa qualities carry through with the unadulterated uplifting terps. It is a nice change of pace as a regular hash user. It is no way feels more similar to flower than to hash, still offering the same spaciness and profound body relief, but there is less of a crash and the high feels more appropriate for the day. It still belongs in an opium den awash in smoke and pillows, but maybe the sun is peaking through the curtain entrance. It would be perfect for a full evening around the campfire, able to appreciate the forest’s nighttime beauty while still social enough for charades and singing at the top of your lungs.

The taste is much brighter and milder than most hash. The deeper roasted notes are missing due to the lack of heat. As are the spicier notes common in most hashes, which use Indica dominant flower and contain greater levels of caryophyllene. Instead, a tastes more similar to a dry flower, with a slight after note of skunk and citrus.

Overall, Organic Marrakech Gold is the highest quality hash I have ever had on the legal market. While not the best for those trying to get to sleep, it will be my new go-to, especially for large joints shared among friends. And as we open up more and more I cannot wait to show this stuff off.