Gaelic Fire Highland Grow

Highland Grow – Gaelic Fire

“Always selling out super quick I was very lucky to land my hands on this strain that has been well received since release.”

Highland Grow’s Gaelic Fire seems to have been missing forever. Always selling out super quick I was very lucky to land my hands on this strain that has been well received since release.

Bred using long-established genetics (Afghani x Cali Kush) this strain’s unique properties and >25% THC (currently at 26.1%) is a result of decades of deliberate selecting. While very reminiscent of an old-school kush, carrying undertones of spice and Thai basil, its dominant terpene is unmistakably pinene. The inhale tastes like stepping into a fresh clover patch in the middle of the forest. A bright leafy green as the sun peeks through. On the exhale the freshness leaves but the brightness of sandalwood and Ma’s spice cupboard lingers.

These two notes come together to produce effects, again, like a kush but with a more sustained boost. It is missing the limonene levels of a Violator or Rockstar but has pinene in its stead. The high has less of a rush at the start, and because of the caryophyllene being less prominent, it has less of a crash. The overall psychoactivity was very strong. While I normally look for that rush in strains I get for the day, I did not miss it here. It felt very much like being a new user and trying the first thing my dealer called a “sativa”. Lots of giggling and way too stoned to be productive (or even presentable) but the crash ends in the couch not the bed.

The one negative about the bud is its visual bag appeal. Coming vacuum packed rather than in a container the buds did not break by rattling around, but my larger nugs were somewhat squished. The trim was also subpar for the price and not to the standard of their White Lightening. Last, I received quite a few popcorn nugs, but in addition to two large >1g nugs and the dense bud structure made it not as big an issue.

Overall, the Gaelic Fire by Highland Grow lived up to the hype. Perfect for Indica smokers to enjoy at a picnic ?. Perfect for those of us Sativa inclined to pass around the campfire. While it is not as pretty as some of their other offerings you would be hard-pressed to find a better daytime Indica option, especially if you miss that old school kushy taste.