Retrograde Haven St. Premium

Haven St. Premium – Retrograde

Haven St’s Retrograde, part of their 400 “Drift Block” of indicas, is very much a product of its lineage, but we’ll get back to that.
Retrograde Haven St. Premium
Retrograde flower taken by @Sean.bodyandspirit

First off, the overall bud quality is in keeping with Haven St’s standards. The smell was heavy, with the garlic and citrus notes creating something dank and unapologetic. The aroma permeated my nose, palette, and entire basement. The nugs were on the small side though dense, coated in trichs, and impeccably trimmed, just like Haven St’s popular Indigo Daze. Also like the Daze it would benefit from a moisture pack if you are rolling, but when ground is perfect for a bowl. On the exhale the citrus notes leave and the taste of roasted garlic lingers. The smoke was very smooth and left me feeling like I had chomped a clove of that roasted garlic, rather than inhaled anything.

Now back to its lineage and to describe the effects. On one side is Garlic Cookies, parent to most of the current garlic hype boat. It was bred with sativa genetics selected to smell exactly like garlic, accomplished with a more pronounced myrcene terp profile. On the other side is Oz Kush, a cross between OG Eddy Lepp and the much more evident, citrus forward, Zkittles. The result is an amazing body relaxing yet stimulating high that would be perfect for a dinner or game night. You may not want to leave the house but I was too jazzed up to lay back and zone out to The Office. Not the bud to listen to Enya, nor is it for Diplo, but perfect for a bit of sit-down hair throwing to Linkin Park.

In relation to other strains, the effects can be described as the indica version of S.A.G.E. ‘n Sour. Similar effect-relevant terpenes, except the couch locking myrcene takes lead over the uplifting citrus terps. Think a White Rhino or SFVOG but with the light boost lasting the full high.

This a is a great addition to Haven St’s selection of unique tastes. The effects and type of high were right up my alley. This was the first time I have brought home a garlic strain and while it was not quite to my taste it has become a go to recommendation for anyone looking for a hard hitting social indica.. provided they are all about that garlic, Garlic, GARLIC!