Growtown Panakeia CBG

Growtown – Panakeia CBG

“When combined with a more sativa profile, you get the perfect light wake n’ bake.”

πŸͺΊ Growtown – Panakeia CBG

Unique and traditional, innovative while steeped in legacy, a new experience achieved through old school methods. Ontario has had CBG options since Spinach came out with their Feelz line of edibles and vapes. It makes sense as CBG is usually only found in trace measures that must be extracted and concentrated on getting significant amounts. But this flower has been bred to be CBG-focused. Currently testing only 1% of THC and CBD, it’s an unheard-of 13% CBG.

There are plenty of more technically accurate explanations of CBG, but the easy way to think of it is a type of CBD with similar overall effects, though it hits with the immediacy of THC. In my experience, it is much more effective at modifying the high from THC, especially when it comes to making it more gentle, longer lasting, and less likely to crash.

The bud is void of terps and flavour, letting whatever you mix with it shine through. Combined with a more sativa profile, you get the perfect light wake n bake. Gentle ease into the day to match the sunrise and let you start immediately. With indica-type terps, there’s a feeling of warmth under a thick knit quilt. It’s cozy and comforting. Smoked alone gives me a feeling of being centred, without any incapacitation.

These effects are my experience as someone with the tolerance of a budtender. For someone with a more reasonable THC tolerance, it can be a great tool to ensure you don’t get too sleepy or any other unwanted effects of too much THC. And for those who don’t want to get high, this has a better CBD-type hit than any smokable CBD options I’ve tried.

When my current CBD isolate is over, I will replace it with filling that spot in my stash. I’ve always been a big fan of CBG, and now I can get it in my favourite format. πŸͺΊπŸ”‹πŸ«±πŸ½β€πŸ«²πŸΎπŸ›‹οΈπŸ«±πŸ½β€πŸ«²πŸΎ