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Good Supply – Good Ol’ Hash

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Good Supply Good Ol' Hash

Good Supply – Good Ol’ Hash

“As for effects, it hit exactly as it should. I felt every bit of the near 40% THC but in a more balanced and long lasting high.”

? Good Supply’s Good Ol’ Hash is their latest offering in an ever growing catalogue of solventless concentrates. First, I very much appreciated the price point, competing with OS, at about $30 for a 2g bag. I was also impressed at the THC count being on the higher end for anything solventless, let alone hash (my current pack is at 39%).

Unwrapping the wax paper I became scared that, despite its name, this was just the compressed sift or kief that has become so common on the market. However on breaking it up my fingers became instantly coated in sticky resin and crystals ?. I had a hard time finishing my roll until I washed my hands with dish soap (regular hand soap was almost useless against this stuff). And even then my thumb was almost too sticky to click the lighter.

The taste was on the deeper end for hash. It hit notes of coffee, oak, and caramelizing sugar. I am guessing they went hard with the heat and light with the pressure when processing to achieve this. This is most likely whats responsible for the stickiness and also 29.8% of the total THC being decarbbed, which is an important indicator of quality in something claiming to be “old school” ?.

As for effects, it hit exactly as it should ?. I felt every bit of the near 40% THC but in a more balanced and long lasting high. Stoney but not sedating, as opposed to the rush of flower or bubble hash. The warming weather and spring breeze washed over me as I was able to keep an eye on my ? buddy at the dog park.

Good Supply’s Good Ol’ Hash is now my go to for any day off when a joint is on the itinerary (and why wouldn’t it be?). The incredible stickiness makes it super easy to roll on the go. The classic hash high is perfect for the sun and will be even better in the heat. I’ve now gone through two bags in as many weekends, and will probably get a third for tomorrow. ?????


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