Ghost Drops Z-Splitter

Ghost Drops – Z-Splitter

“Ghost Drops gained its rep in the legacy market sourcing the best in BC and bringing it to the rest of Canada.”

👻 Ghost Drops – Z-Splitter

It’s here. Ghost Drops gained its rep in the legacy market sourcing the best in BC and bringing it to the rest of Canada. They find the most interesting bud possible, always giving credit, describing themselves as a brand house. They’re using the same model in the legal space, joining some others, but what sets them apart is an impeccable palette and unyielding standards

They’ve introduced themselves with First Class Funk, and more up my alley, Z-Splitter. Zkittles x Atom Splitter, testing at 29% THC and 2.6% terps, but terps that are unique. Leading is eucalyptol at over 1.5%, imparting a unique cooling note. On the back end you smell the citrus from nerolidol, also found in lemongrass. Lacking any earthy or skunky notes, it leaves a clean aroma recalling full spa service on a mountain top. I got 4 nugs in my jar, the largest about 1.5g. All completely frosted and the freshness was some of the best, grinding to the perfect fluffy texture. It’s grown by Atlas, the same folk behind Natural History, but even as a fan this exceeds anything I’ve seen from them

The actual smoke’s a dream. Taking over the palette is eucalyptol, imparting that unique sense. Apart from the diesely mint, there’s an actual cooling element making it even smoother than its beautiful cure already has. Smoking bowl after the bowl was all too easy as I just wanted to refresh the fresh, like menthol. The high was strong but clean, lacking the grogginess that accompanies higher levels of myrcene/caryophyllene. The start is a slight uplift, settling into a state of complete mindlessness where anxiety and cares fall away.. even legitimate cares, this one’s not for work. I was losing track of my thoughts and didn’t mind in the slightest. At the end is a heavy crash, but nothing that can’t be managed by more hits. It’s perfect after work letting me thoroughly shed the day and leaving me ready for bedtime

Overall they’ve killed it. Since the Kind Winter Fair half our team would not shut up about how messed up Ghost Drops got them, and now I get it. Unique genetics grown to world-class standards. No need for the noise and hype, this is amazing bud. Pure and simple ❄️🍋🥊🥰⛄