Ghost Drops First Class Funk

Ghost Drops – First Class Funk

“The trim is nearly perfect, as is the cure and freshness.”

👻 Ghost Drops – First Class Funk Slime Bag

Ghost Drops has been making waves since its debut. With some of the best branding in the game, their hype is probably only matched by Berner with Cookies, and as a result, they’ve borne a large share of the hate Reddit has for anything priced above the mid-tier. Some of it is people looking for bud lite in aged scotch forums, but many are daily smokers frustrated at being priced out of the quad market post-legalization.

Ghost Drops has answered that call. Copying an age-old legacy practice, they are now selling their smaller nugs in a larger 14g format, at a huge discount. Not subpar harvests under a different brand, but just a good old fashion smalls bag. And the strain they’ve started with is perfect for us daily smokers.

Open the pack and everything is permeated with moss and peat. Despite a pleasant lack of skunky notes, this is a pot head’s pot. Nothing fruity or sweet, just deep all-encompassing earthiness. The trim is nearly perfect, as is the cure and freshness. So far standard for the strain. What impressed me was the size of these nugs. How are these smalls? Maybe not up to the snuff of an insta worthy $60 HQ, but with an average size of about .5g these are not the same smalls I used to buy in legacy.

The high is exactly what you want after work. From the start, you are swept over by the full 29% THC in both the mind and body. Any cares from the day evaporate as your thoughts are wiped blank. If you have that one stressor you just cannot shake here’s the answer. Aches are forgotten and pain is shed. And in this state, you aren’t forced to bed right away, but sleep comes easily whenever you choose.

Just like in their legacy days Ghost Drops keeps changing the game. This is going to be their standard going forward and I hope more LPs follow suit. 🈹🌳🍂🤤🥊