Honeydew Boba Infused Pre-Roll

General Admission – Honeydew Boba Infused Pre-Roll

“The minty side came out, making an enticing and refreshing top note.”

🍭 General Admission – Honeydew Boba Infused PreRoll

Candy. Sweet and delicious with no attempt to be weed. General Admission has taken their distillate flavours used for vapes, which have great reviews in taste, dipped prerolls in them, and covered them in kief for good measure. I decided to try the Honeydew Boba after the reviews for the vape came out as tasty as possible, and then this j followed suit.

Pulling it out of the tube carefully so as not to knock off any kief, I was grateful that mine was rolled properly. Some reviews show some were not packed down enough, resulting in a floppy bit right after the filter. The smell coming off is candy sweet. It has a general melon candy smell, which could be watermelon or cantaloupe, whatever Jelly Belly labelled it. It smoked all the way properly down, without canoeing or clogging.

The taste was everything promised. It has a spicy inhale, though this may have also been the chemical taste that comes with some distillate. It’s ok, but the harshness caught me off guard. But the exhale was terrific. It has a refreshingly light yet undeniably sugary aftertaste. Cucumber with candy melons is the best description I can think of. It’s like a La Croix, where the taste lingers on your palette but does not overpower. Also, like La Croix, it’s very artificial but in a subtle, not so in-your-face, kinda way

Now to the high. It felt to me like distillate. The high was nondescript, without any notable euphoria, body relief, and no crash. It offered a significant punch at the very start, but this faded quickly, within the hour. The lasting high was in line with what I can achieve with 22% Lilac Diesel or a similarly balanced terp-focused strain

This was the lightest infused preroll I have tried so far. While I’m still pretty new to the category, those I’ve tried from The Loud Plug, Qwest, Avana, and Kolab all have hit harder. But the taste, oo that taste. Something I’ve never experienced with bud. It made me nostalgic for Grape Prime Times, in the ability to smoke my candy. I hope this idea is improved upon soon. Throw some bubble hash or terp sauce in there, and we’d have an all-time winner 🍭🍈🍉🍈🍭