Flowr BC Lemon Ice

Flowr – BC Lemon Ice

“Less punchy than I was expecting but way more energizing.”

🍧 Flowr – BC Lemon Ice

Flowr’s been a rollercoaster lately. Their Pink Kush gained them fame when at the time it was one of the few legal old-school strains at true quad quality. However, they introduced a bunch more SKUs, including some limited releases, and the jars were not getting to market fast enough. The flower was obviously well grown, but dry. Now they are including humidity packs which make all the difference in keeping their bud sticky, fresh, and terpy

And thank goodness, because here it’s all about the limonene. There are a couple of strains sharing the name, but Flowr’s Lemon Ice is a cross of Jet Fuel Gelato × White Flo. With the first, we get a boost in energy from the punchy yet uplifting Gelato genetics, while the Jet Fuel side still makes sure it hits. White Flo crosses The White, bred largely for high THC, with Flo providing a whole lot of uplift from long dialled-in landrace genetics. The result is less punchy than I was expecting but way more energizing.

Cracking the sapphire jar, the bag appeal is a letdown for the price. No big nugs with most under .5g. There were also some stems and sugar leaves. Nothing egregious but still not what I expect from top-shelf. But the important aspects were there. The freshness is great with the nugs giving a pleasing bounce back when squished. The smell is also amazing. Dank from an undernote of skunky myrcene with citrus on top. Bright limonene gives a refreshing note that really dominates the palette, including when smoked

And effects follow suit. I was reminded of a lemon skunk or haze, just stronger. It is not purely productive, giving a little bit of stoniness and body relief, but it still has no crash and has worked great as my wake n bake. The overall level of high stays in line with its 25% THC, so may make those with lower tolerances crash, but for us daily smokers it is energetic and refreshing and can be smoked all day without a nap

Flowr’s Lemon Ice is some great bud to get ish done. Somewhere between a Lemon Haze and Carmel’s Animal Face, it uses heavier Indica genetics and a good deal of limonene to deliver some pep and a functional high that will still satisfy daily smokers 🍋🧊🦨🔋🍋