Eastcann Lemon Sour Diesel

EastCann – Lemon Sour Diesel

“The nug selection gave me one big 3.6g beauty and a trim that’s always perfect.”

🍋 EastCann – Lemon Sour Diesel

EastCann had been a favourite of mine since their debut, with their firm dedication towards high-quality buds. We see this first with the packaging. Tuna cans should be the industry standard. I find they even keep things better than a pretty glass jar. Next, their terp numbers never dip below 3%, which is their priority, yet they also manage high THC, with my current can at 26%. And then their overall production is a standout. The cure always leaves my fingers coated in res. The nug selection gave me this one big 3.6g beauty and trim that’s always perfect.

Cracking the can, I was not punched with the bright citrus I was expecting. The nose is full but has much more diesel in the background and even some skunk on top. It reminded me of a Lemon Skunk or Haze with a denser bud structure. When smoked, the skunk takes the fore, but the strong zest carries through to freshen up the exhale.

The effects reminded me of legacy Sour Diesel (ironic, since despite their names, these two are unrelated) or Carmel’s beloved cut of Animal Face. There is immediate pressure behind the eyes and an inescapable buzz throughout the mind, all while giving the physical energy needed for a hike or party. It’s not mentally productive but gave unfocused energy that I could’ve taken portaging or to the center of a mosh pit.

This is a bomb HQ up to EastCann’s amazing standards. I’ll be grabbing this again the next time Animal Face is testing under 3% terps. Now OCS needs to get their shit together and give us EastCann’s Zurple Sunset, which we also ordered! 🍋🦨⛽🤯🥳