Cookies London Pound Cake

Cookies – London Pound Cake

“A stand-out given the structure is how fresh it remained. Sticky fresh and squishy in all the right places.”

🍰 Cookies – London Pound Cake

Berner and Mr. Sherbinski teamed up on these genetics. Bred by the Cookies team, using the legendary Sunset Sherbet and an undisclosed indica. This bud screams hype and everything California does best, that I normally have to look upon with serious FOMO. The quality is seen in every aspect, the initial bag appeal, smell, taste, and a smack you down high. The price may be hard to justify for many, and a good deal of the price is because of the name, but there is still no denying the quality.

To start cracking the pack gives you wafts of a complex aroma that I’ve had customers and colleagues describe a million different ways. Everything from toasty berries to good b.o. Personally, I got pastel kush, complete with skunk and spice made softer by a creaminess that fades into a wonderfully deep chocolate mint note. The nugs are dark purple and were mainly on the larger side, with about a half gram of popcorn. The trim is almost perfect, which is impressive given its slightly wispy structure. Also, a stand-out given the structure is how fresh it remained. Sticky fresh and squishy in all the right places.

When smoked the full 28% THC punches right away. Limonene, myrcene, and caryophyllene are all present in roughly equal quantities, giving the strong inescapable high of a kush. It forces you to blink your way into a new reality. A strong buzzing throughout the brain gives both uplift and heavy pressure behind your eyes. It remains giggly and somewhat social for the first part while giving tingles from your fingers to toes. However, pretty soon that body relaxation takes over and you are left with high school level incapacitation. Able to wander from party to party but really you’ll just want to find a comfy stoner garage, complete with a torn-up couch, and veg out. When the crash comes it cannot be refreshed, even with a different high limonene strain. It is final. An absolute end to the night.

Overall, Cookies’ London Pound Cake is some tasty high-quality bud testing at an unholy 28% THC. A must-try for daily smoking flavour chasers before it dips back down to 20%. On a final note… Hey Berner, throw some merch my way! 🍪👅💥💥💥