Coast Mountain Cannabis BC Organic Pemberton Pink

Coast Mountain Cannabis – BC Organic Pemberton Pink

“They perfected these old-school Pink Kush genetics and named them after their hometown of Pemberton.”

🏔️ Coast Mountain Cannabis – BC Organic Pemberton Pink

These guys believe in their bud, and with good reason. Before entering the province, they were gifting their Peanut Butter Souffle to tendies. Next, their reps did the same with this one, and tbh it was entirely responsible for us bringing it in.

Open the glass jar, and it is clear their terp numbers are all out of whack. Both showing under 2% this and their PBS fill whatever room they’re opened in with heavenly sweetness. While PBS is your more typical cakey yum, this guy has that petrol burn of caryophyllene. And the rest of the bag appeal is even better. Two big beauties, absolutely triched out. They are not the densest, but with such a high level of care, it is not a big deal as there’s no sloppy production to protect the insides from. The trim was top tier as they got in the nooks without damaging the bud. They grow in strain-specific rooms in organic living soil and cold cure to maximize taste.

The high is classic, reminding me of legacy Pink, which makes sense given their team. They perfected these old-school genetics and named them after their hometown of Pemberton. At the start is an intense buzzing throughout the body and mind. Indicative of the heavy caryophyllene, a heavy pressure behind the eyes and a rubbery feeling extending to your fingertips. This lasted a long time, and I found myself loving how few hits I needed to keep up an intense high worthy of my day off. When the high eventually does end, it crashes and crashes hard. Excellent before bed, this one is not to be trifled with unless your evening’s clear. And, since, I’ve found myself using it almost exclusively before bed. If you’re that guy who wants “Indica’s only bro,” this feeling is about as accurate a representation of that word as possible.

Overall, Coast Mountain Cannabis is the new brand to watch. Indiva’s Artisan Batch series first brought them to the Ontario legal market, but now we get to experience them solo, and they’re killing it. If you want the heaviest pink on the market, here it is. Hard-hitting, super sedating, no excuses. But be warned, clear your night.. this will take it over and stop it short. ⛽🦏🤤♾️😴