Carmel Rares (Pink)

Carmel – Rares (Pink)

“This is that old school. Classic nose full of earth, sweet petrol, and slight citrus.”
🩷 Carmel – Rares (Pink)

So this one has a bit of a story, this is straight from the sell sheet:

“It’s no secret that from day 1 our team has been in pursuit of a proper Pink for the farm. In 2010, our Master Grower, Drew fell in love with a Pink he grew that was a cut from Billy Bud (an old friend of his from the growing forum days). Time went by Pinks fell out of favour for more fruit/dessert forward gear, and that cutting slipped away. Over the last 3 years, we’ve hunted for a cutting that we’d be proud of. Something that would make it feel like 2010 again and that day has finally come.”

And damn were they telling the truth. This is that old school. Classic nose full of earth, sweet petrol, and slight citrus. And with processing to match. A perfect trim showcasing that legacy freshness we all remember. I got one large guy rounded out by two smaller ones. With it all completely decked out in some of the prettiest trichs I’ve seen in a while. All milky white with perfectly whole heads, even on the outside of the nugs, as seen in the first micro.

When smoked, again, classic. A slight uplift in energy as the entire brain expands with a punch of THC. It puts pressure behind the eyes but also lifts the temples. Shoulders slump, almost falling off, straight flubber. Very quickly I felt myself getting a heavy head, and the rest of the high left me a stoney mess reminiscent of high school. It did not crash immediately but when it did there was no turning back. Not immediately sleepy enough for my two bowls before bed, but sleepy enough to not have to switch to a bud dedicated to that purpose.

Overall, just wow. Old school pink, selected and grown by arguably the province’s most famous homegrown talent. A fitting tribute to Toronto’s favourite strain. 🧡🩷🥊🩷🧡